Underwater welding

Hydroweld can also provide valuable assistance at the design stage to help meet the design criterion and help to avoid or reduce designs that are not wet welding or welder friendly. Completion of wet welding projects Hydroweld provide an unrivalled underwater wet welding service, where quality is of prime consideration. Projects are completed world-wide and can often be mobilised at short notice.

Underwater welding

Commercial diving is an exciting and lucrative career for veterans, ex-military, and any adventure-seeking individual who desires more than just your average nine-to-five job.

Education and Training Requirements

As a Commercial Diver and underwater welder, you will be expected to perform under the most challenging of circumstances, requiring the diver to be highly trained, certified and to be in peak physical and mental condition.

What is it like working as an underwater welder? As you embark on your commercial diving career, you will find most commercial divers are employed by leading diving contractors. Commercial Diving and underwater welding jobs vary, however on a typical day, you might find yourself reporting for duty at the dock with all of your gear.

From there, a transport vessel will take you to the work site - perhaps many miles offshore. Once you're at the dive site, you will then suit up, run through your checklist, and then dive into the water.


After the job has been completed, you will communicate with top-side that the task has been fulfilled, and will then begin making your ascent towards the surface.

If necessary, you may complete in-water decompression and upon surfacing, enter into a decompression chamber to ensure you do not display the symptoms of decompression sickness.

Underwater welding

This results from bubble formation similar to that in a carbonated beverage within the tissues of the diver! To view more interesting facts and statistics about underwater welding careers and commercial diving click here. To view more information about where commercial divers work and how to begin an underwater welding career, click on one or more of the links below:Underwater Welding.

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Taking the Plunge: A Guide to Starting an Underwater Welding Career Answers to questions about careers in underwater welding are addressed in this article prepared by the AWS D3B Subcommittee on Underwater Welding. Top 10 Commercial Diving Employers: is a Behemoth in Underwater Welding - Water Welders Find this Pin and more on Underwater Welding!!!!!

Underwater welding

by Justin Isbell. A valuable list of the top companies with US underwater welding jobs for commercial divers. The page explains in detail the actual process of becoming an underwater welder. It outlines the steps necessary to acquire the specific certifications, and how best to obtain a job in the field after graduation.

Oct 12,  · Underwater welding is a type of welding which takes place underwater. A number of different welding techniques can be used underwater, with arc welding being among the most common.

UNDERWATER WELDER TRAINING IN TRINIDAD. UWIL offers training designed to have students pass Underwater welder qualification exam. TRAINING COURSE OPTIONS. 1. Certification course. Getting the Job. Underwater welding requires a great deal of skill and experience, so most companies will only hire those who have worked as diver tenders for a number of years. Find great deals on eBay for underwater welding. Shop with confidence.

There are numerous applications for underwater welding skills, including repairing ships, working on oil platforms, and maintaining underwater pipelines. Welding at high pressures. Welding, like many other things, is best done on solid ground.

However, there are certain conditions when you have to ‘take the plunge’ and weld underwater. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES. The AWS D Underwater Welding Code defines an underwater welder, or welder-diver, as a “certified welder who is also a commercial diver, capable of performing tasks associated with commercial subsea work, weld setup and preparation, and who has the ability to weld in accordance with the AWS D Specification for Underwater Welding, and other weld-related.

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