Robber barrons and rebels essay writer

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Robber barrons and rebels essay writer

You can download a pdf version here: Power Politics and the Empire of Economics The President sat and listened to his closest adviser as they plotted a strategy to maintain Western domination of the world economy.

The challenge was immense: It was on the 24th of May when President Gerald Ford was meeting with his Secretary of State and National Security Adviser, Henry Kissinger, easily the two most powerful political officials in the world at the time. Kissinger told the President: Uprisings, revolutions and liberation movements across Africa, Asia and beyond had largely thrown off the shackles of European colonial domination, establishing themselves as independent political nation-states with their own interests and objectives.

Chief among those goals was for economic independence to follow political independence, to take control of their own resources and economies from the Europeans and Americans, to determine their own economic policies and help to redistribute global wealth along equal and just lines.

robber barrons and rebels essay writer

The problem for the Western and industrial nations, with the United States at the center, was that formal colonial domination was no longer considered acceptable. In previous decades and centuries, the rich and powerful nations would directly colonize and control foreign societies, establishing puppet governments and protectorates, extracting resources, exploiting labour and expanding their own national power and international prestige.

Following the end of World War II, such practices were no longer politically or publicly acceptable. The era of decolonization had taken hold, and the people of the world were failing to remain passive and obedient in the face of great injustices and inequality.

War had become a bad word, colonialism was no longer en vogue, and belligerent political bullying by the rich countries increasingly risked a major backlash, threatening to unite the entire world against the West. A new strategy for global domination had to be constructed.

The West could not afford a direct political or ideological confrontation with the developing world, with many top American officials, including Henry Kissinger, acknowledging that if they were to pursue such a strategy they would be isolated and lost, with even the Europeans and Japanese abandoning them.

Foreign ministers and heads of state could not appear to be attacking or seeking to dominate the developing world. It was decided that the war would have to be waged largely in the world of economics and finance, where the conversation would change from that of colonialism and imperialism to the technical details of economic policy.

The imperial interests and objectives of the powerful nations that had existed for centuries could no longer be articulated in a direct way. But those same interests and objectives would not vanish. Instead, they would be hidden behind bland, vague and technical rhetoric.

robber barrons and rebels essay writer

The language of economics provides the appearance of impartiality, backed up by pseudo-scientific-sounding studies and ideologies, accessible only to those with the proper training, education and experience, otherwise inaccessible and incomprehensible to the general public.

Empire was a thing of the past. In its place rose a new global economy, built by banks not bombs, expanding the reach of corporations not colonies, managing debt not dominions. Two days after Kissinger articulated this strategy to President Ford, another meeting was held at the White House with several more high-level cabinet officials.

The discussion was a follow-up on the U. It is the unforgiving world of empire, an immense concentration of global wealth and power, a parasitic system of world domination built on the impoverishment and exploitation of billions. And it is a world obscured and hidden behind the dry, dull and seemingly empty rhetoric of economics.

It is a language in need of translation, a reality in need of elucidation, and an empire in need of opposition. Power Politics and Empire It was the largest and most powerful empire the world had ever known.

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It spanned the globe, across oceans and seas, countries and continents, enveloping much of the known world — and the people throughout it — within the domineering shadows of its political, economic, social, cultural and financial institutions and ideologies.

Those who ruled were the wealthy and war-like family dynasties, individual oligarchs, kings of coin, titans of industry, and a religious priesthood of proselytizing propagandists. They lie, cheat, steal, kill and conquer; they plant their flags and preach their gospels, serve their interests and those of their unknown or sometimes masters.

It requires a constant cunning, managing an endless lack of trust for all those around you, fearful that on your way up, others might seek to cut you down. To play the game of power politics in the age of empires is to be pragmatic, strategic and ruthless; it requires no less, but frequently more.BLUE BLOO D AND MUTINY The Fight for the Soul of Morgan Stanley patricia beard For David Jay Braga and for the next generation, Landry Hill Beard Stella Ashley Schafer.

For older buildings not undergoing major overhauls a piecemeal approach. Overall building efficiency standards won't apply, but codes for replacement systems At the root in my opinion is the insestuous relationship between our elected officials and the robber barrons.

And it hasn't changed. An early-day Star editorial writer was simply stating the obvious when he commented that “the Star’s prosperity is so closely allied with the growth and progress of Kansas City that its principal aim is to promote the welfare of this community in all its material and municipal relations.” saloon keepers, tax dodgers, and robber barons.

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Walter Bruin did a fantastic job in building his most informative 2 part blog(s); with great links. The Robber Barons John Jacob Astor • Stephen Girard • Cornelius Vanderbilt • Daniel Drew • Skulduggery • The Erie Gang • The Erie Gang Splits Up • Jay Gould • The Robber Baron Creed 5.

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Other media also reported the story, even though several of the stories were later deleted from the Internet. a writer and attorney in.

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