Research report english marketing research colloquium


Research report english marketing research colloquium

Research report english marketing research colloquium

Main Building MB 1. PDF Flyer Seminar 9 Topic There is no doubt that gender and diversity are hot topics in contemporary organizational life, with many occupations continuing to be heavily male or female-dominated. In his talk, Dr. After exposing this contradiction between branding discourse and everyday discourse, he proposes ways through which practitioners can avoid such contradictions as they work to increase occupational diversity.

His research examines topics such as feminist and queer approaches to organizing, the gender identity negotiation of nursing students, the underrepresentation of women in computing and information technology work, the experiences of international faculty in U. The research presented at this colloquium will also be presented at the st conference of the National Communication Association with co-author Dr.

Tim Kuhn from the University of Colorado Boulder. Organizational Citizenship in Hospital Medical Teams: Passalacqua will be presenting findings from a study in which resident physicians described a liked and disliked fellow physician on their medical team.

All resident physicians must work on medical teams and there is a well-established connection between effective teamwork and outcomes in a hospital. Given these facts, understanding what helps team members get along takes on a more profound importance. You can probably guess what many of the physicians discussed in their descriptions; some of what they said, however, may surprise you.

Stacey Passalacqua received her B. She examines phenomena such as burnout, empathy, patient-centered communication, cancer communication, social support, and more. Nation Branding in a Microcosm: Main Building MB 0.

At the turn of the 21st century, as the U. The East Asian nations, on their part, have actively cultivated relations. Youths, primarily college students, are a key target public of their public diplomacy activities in the United States.

Zhang has published many scholarly articles on public diplomacy and international communication in peer-reviewed journals such as Public Relations Review, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, and International Journal of Communication. However, Hispanics, a group that carries a large burden of disease, are less likely than non-Hispanic whites to participate in diabetes education programs.

Research report english marketing research colloquium

Kline presents a paper that details a health intervention that uses a multi-pronged approach that combines health communication strategies and health information technology to engage and empower Hispanic individuals to active self-care.

She describes the development of a novel technology-based application, entitled Sugar, Heart, and Life SHLthat utilizes concepts from entertainment education to promote active patient self-management of T2DM among Hispanic individuals served by a safety net health system.

The findings of this study suggest that the SHL application is an acceptable tool for use by Hispanic male and female individuals that may empower them in self-management of T2DM.

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Kim Kline received her B. She employs rhetorical, narrative, critical-cultural and feminist theories and methodologies to interrogate contemporary meanings of health, illness and medicine as well as their sociopolitical implications.

PDF Flyer Seminar 5 Topic Early gay midlife has the potential to be a very informative life stage for social research given its being a time of significant change in psychosocial identity.

Hajek presents findings from a study that addresses the profound social challenges that often accompany this delicate age transition. Open and axial coding revealed three overarching experiential themes and accompanying identity dimensions that will be presented. Christopher Hajek received his B.

He received his Ph. His research is grounded in intercultural and intergroup communication in a variety of social contexts. His past intergroup and intercultural communication research has spanned topics ranging from gay—heterosexual interactions, to patient—physician encounters, to attitudes toward police officers across multiple world cultures.

Being Pushed and Pulled: PDF Flyer Seminar 4 Topic Human resource professionals HRPs are integral actors in bullying situations because targets of bullying often seek them out for advice and action when bullying occurs. The purpose of this research was to gain a deeper understanding of how HRPs understood their roles in bullying situations and how they perceived important others the target and management understood their roles.

Grounded theory data analysis procedures helped to uncover a progressive model of the HRP role and complications in the execution of the role due to contradictory role expectations of targets and mgmt.

Cowan received her B. She received her Ph. PDF Presentation Seminar 3 Topic The longevity of the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center in San Antonio, Texas, suggests that it is possible for a social change organization to simultaneously address racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, imperialism, environmental justice, and peace—and to succeed.

This ethnographic study presents an instructive case of the importance and challenges of uncompromisingly confronting injustice in all of its manifestations.

TESOL (Sep ), TESOL Research Network Colloquium, Sydney Australia - Conference Examples of social science research fields include law, anthropology, development studies, political science or public administration, gender studies, geography, sociology, Pacific Studies, and public health. Scholarships cover full travel costs to and from Canberra, insurance, visa, accommodation and living expenses.
Dr. Jamie McDonald TBD Biography Cynthia Rudin is an associate professor of computer science, electrical and computer engineering, and statistics at Duke University, and directs the Prediction Analysis Lab. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University at Buffalo, and a PhD in applied and computational mathematics from Princeton University.
You are here Risk assessment tools are widely used around the country to inform decision making within the criminal justice system. Recently, considerable attention has been paid to whether such tools may suffer from predictive racial bias, and whether their use may result in racially disparate impact.

DeTurk received her B. She earned her Ph.Papers may report on research that is proposed, ongoing, or recently completed. Papers must be individually authored by the applicant. To encourage high standard work, we offer a separate four week Visiting Fellowship to the participant from the Pacific who .

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The Graduate Student Research Colloquium in the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences was held on Friday, March 2. Graduate students from within the college had the opportunity to present their research in a conference setting.

Internships help students translate their existing writing, editing, research, and presentation skills into marketable assets in a variety of fields, including telecommunications, advertising, public relations, marketing, and corporate communication.

Dec 19,  · Data Analysis - December Research topic: To evaluate the consequential implications of ‘Electronic cigarettes’ on Marlboro cigarettes market sales in th.

UGA faculty and graduate students will come together for a March 24 colloquium focused on integrating the university's research and teaching missions.

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The event will be held from 1 to p.m. in the auditorium of the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center on Riverbend Road. May 25,  · RCOE Induction Colloquium Presentation-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated pre.

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