Reflection of diversity

Advertisement In Brief Decades of research by organizational scientists, psychologists, sociologists, economists and demographers show that socially diverse groups that is, those with a diversity of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation are more innovative than homogeneous groups.

Reflection of diversity

For this assignment, you will reflect on a some aspect of diversity Then do some thinking on this in terms the issues we have covered in this course. You get to choose one of the following topics for your reflection essay: Discuss a time when you felt like an outsider in a particular social setting, whether in the workplace, at school, amongst a group of friends, et cetera.

Describe what that experience was like, how it affected you, and what you learned. Discuss a time when you noticed someone being excluded, discriminated against, or otherwise neglected or treated unfairly in a particular social setting.

Describe that experience, how you reacted, and what you learned. Explain how your own life has been shaped by one or more of the categories of diversity we are discussing in this course: In your essay, try to give examples of your personal experiences that relate to at least three concepts, ideas or theories from the course readings.

Reflection of diversity

And this should be interesting because you will be relating these concepts to your own life! Please highlight your 3 concepts in bold.

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You can select whichever of the 3 topics you want and then you get to select your 3 concepts that you find most interesting. Be thinking about this early on, so you have plenty of time to do your write up!Start Where You Are, But Don't Stay There: Understanding Diversity, Opportunity Gaps, and Teaching in Today's Classrooms [H.

Richard Milner IV, Gloria Ladson-Billings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Reflection of diversity

Start Where You Are, But Don’t Stay There addresses a crucial issue in teacher training and professional education: the need to prepare pre-service and in-service teachers. Seeks to understand concepts by examining openly your own experiences in the past as they relate to the topic, to illustrate points you are making.

Demonstrates an open, non-defensive ability to self-appraise, discussing both growth and frustrations as they related to learning in class.

A few updates we’d like to share.

Risks asking. Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom – Start with Reflection. Inclusive Instruction. Introduction; Start Here; Inclusive Classrooms; Inclusive classrooms and courses that discuss diversity issues cannot be designed with a checklist or rubric.

Specifically, being inclusive in your teaching is a process in which you work with your. Diversity-Leadership. Diversity-Leadership recognizes that cultures and preferences differ. Use this online leadership tool to adapt group processes to honor people across twelve cultural difference areas.

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