My future vision

How to Write a Summary of an Article? My Vision Of The Future My vision of the future in education is one where the learning commons, inhabited by forward-thinking, ever-learning teacher-librarians, is the centre of the universe in a school: One reason is that our education system is not really all that traditional. Because in the whole scheme of things, the modern education system has been a short-term experiment a mere blip of human time at around years or less based on the latter days of a historical era known as the Industrial Age.

My future vision

Are you still searching for the answer to that question years or decades later? If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps what you need is to put your mind to creating a career vision for your life that brings into focus a fulfilling career.

A career vision is a statement about what you want to achieve in your career — the major accomplishments you hope to attain, the level or position you hope to rise to, and the lasting impacts you hope to make. It should be something you can aspire to — and that should inspire you — regardless of where you are now and the distance between the present and your vision.

My future vision

By putting your vision into words, you begin to set in motion a process through which you will eventually achieve your goal. A career vision statement opens your eyes to what is possible and gives you something tangible to move toward. Unlike a career or personal mission statement, which focuses on who you are now, a career vision statement is about crafting a mental image of the future you.

A career vision statement describes the absolute peak of where you envision yourself in your career — not necessarily your current career, but the career you really want, the career that will completely fulfill you.

Your career vision statement is the goal you want for your career — and it should be something that inspires, energizes, motivates, and directs you. When you create both a personal mission statement and a career vision statement, you finish with one document that explains who you are now and another document that paints a picture of you at some future point.

So how do you go about creating a career vision statement? Carve out a chunk of time. Career visioning cannot — and should not — be rushed. Review your mission statement and core values.

While you can certainly create a vision for your future without reviewing these career planning tools, it helps to examine who you are now and what drives you today. Suspend logic and pragmatic thinking. Remember that with a career vision anything should be possible, so find a way to turn off any negative vibes or logic filters that will block you from thinking big.

Try one or more of these visioning exercises to help get your creative juices flowing. Think deeply about the question s and answer each as authentically as you can: How do you define career success? Are you achieving some level of success in your current job?

What job will help you achieve complete success? What would you want to do today if all your bills were paid and you had relatively unlimited cash reserves? What would your career be like if you had the power to make it any way you wanted? What you would like your obituary to say about your career accomplishments and the types of impacts you left with the people you worked with?

If absolutely no obstacles stood in the way of your achieving it, what would you most like to attain in your career? Who are the people you most admire? What is it about them or their careers that attract you to them? Is there something about what they have or do that you want for your career vision?

Imagine yourself in the future at a point in which you have achieved great career success.For a future that calls you. Get tips on staying organized through every aspect of your job search.

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My vision of the future in education is one where the learning commons, inhabited by forward-thinking, ever-learning teacher-librarians, is the centre of the universe in a school: the go-to for students, teachers, and parents as they navigate an increasingly tech-heavy world where “21st century” and “personalized” learning increasingly replace outmoded forms of schooling.

My Vision For The Future Of My Life. class exercise to help me figure out what my long term goals and my short term goals are for my future.I will have thirty thousand dollars to pay for my expenses and manage my life in the future.I will have thirty thousand dollars a year to pay for housing, food, automobile expenses, recreation, clothing, medical expenses, miscellaneous items, and any.

My Future: My Life Vision & Mission