Jan brett the mitten writing activities

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Jan brett the mitten writing activities

jan brett the mitten writing activities

Day 2 Companion Rhyme: Teacher Created Materials Reread with a focus on comprehension. Why do you think the animals want to be inside his mitten? Where would the animals usually be during the winter?

Why do you think the animals inside the mitten keep allowing other animals to enter? Do you think this story could really happen? How did Nicki find his mitten? How did the mitten change throughout the story? Introduce companion story Three Little Kittens in which more mittens are lost: Introduce title, author, cover; Read aloud having students make predictions as to how the kittens correct each mistake that they make.

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Day 3 Companion Rhyme: Reread- Shared Reading Focus Story: Using cut outs of a mitten and the animal characters, have students assist in an oral retelling of the story.

Students can also color and cut out their own mitten and characters during small group time today.


Creative Teaching Press, Discuss with students other things that they should wear in the winter. Show a cut out of a child. As students brainstorm items we should wear in winter, either have pre-made clothing that you can attach to the child cut out or draw the clothing on.

Then, have students assist in writing the name of each item on sentence strips. Attach the sentence strip labels near each piece of winter clothing. Day 5 Companion Rhyme: Review the beginning, middle, and end of the story by having students assist in the writing of a short 3 sentence summary.

Have students act out the story using the animal masks from yesterday. Students work to write in the missing beginning or ending letter from a few of the words on each page r, m, w, f, l, s, h, y, and then color the booklet. Reread as a class and then students take home the booklet to share with their families over and over!Our author of the month is Norman Bridwell, author of Clifford, so of course the first story I read was "Clifford the Firehouse Dog".

We made these cute Clifford puppets that were inspired by Mrs.

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Schmelzer's First regardbouddhiste.com has some great fire safety activities to check out! Heather Beauchamp said. That is a lot easier to read. Thank you! If you have some fun writing activities to share that would be great too! August 17, at AM.

Dec 11,  · 1 - I read aloud The Mitten by Jan Brett. (Believe it or not, I picked my copy up last year at Sam's Club for a lesser price than, say, Barnes and Noble.). We talked about what a spider looks like and I drew (poorly) a spider on the easel. We labeled six main parts together: the head, the abdomen, the legs, the eyes, the feelers, and the spinnerets.

Toddlers Joyful Learning Overview Activities For Joyful Learning August September October November December January February March April May June July; The Mitten by Jan Brett Companion Story: Interactive Writing.

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