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Colorful double-page spreads cover a wide array of topics from famous pirates throughout history and around the world to how to be a scurvy dog and life aboard a pirate ship.

The opening pages explain what readers will find inside the book.

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Each entry contains a brief explanation, then young pirates can explore the various circles, inkblots, rectangles, and diagrams that contain more information.

Big Word Alerts identify important words and their definitions. My favorites are the pirate ship sculpture that is smaller than the eye of a needle, the Floridian who built a home theater that looks like the inside of a pirate ship, and the father who waved his teenage soon off to school each morning wearing a costume, over of them in all.

There are also suggestions for creating your own pirate outfit. The book also includes a pirate newspaper with a few pirate facts, but mostly tongue-in-cheek advertisements.

There are some questionable choices included in the book. The Golden Age of Pirates pages include a square-rigged ship with three masts even though the label says that many pirates sailed sloops, which are much smaller vessels with fore-and-aft sails.

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Why the Mary Celeste is pictures is puzzling since pirates have never been connected to the merchant ship whose crew disappeared. There are a few errors, too. Fiibustier should be spelled flibustier. Henry Morgan was the lieutenant-governor rather than the governor of Jamaica.

Overall, this hardback book is a treasure trove of trivia and facts about pirates from ancient times to present day. Young pirates aged seven to eleven will enjoy exploring all the pages.

When a baker accuses him of stealing, Jameson ends up on the auction block to serve out his sentence as an indentured servant.

Sent on an errand by his new master, he is waylaid by a scurvy fellow who knocks him out. When he awakens, he is no longer in Charles Towne.

But not everyone aboard the vessel is happy with Jameson joining the crew.

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Nor are the Spanish thrilled with Attack Jack sailing in their waters. The minor characters, however, are a bit stereotypical, and the tale never quite reaches the level of excitement and suspense middle readers might expect.

Those children seeking a less audacious escapade than can be found in books like the Jacky Faber series, or those who want a quick read that permits them to flee the modern world, may enjoy this book.McDermott, Gerald Robert: Civil Religion in the American Revolutionary Period: An Historiographic Analysis: XVIII: 4: McDonald, H.

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