Huls marketing strategy for nirma

Tuesday, December 7, Nirma. Apart from that low-cost has become synomous to Nirma. Nirma was the invention of Karsanbhai Patel,a chemist from Gujarat who worked for the Department of Mining and Geology.

Huls marketing strategy for nirma


The year was The year was First time that HUL was in the loss because of hike of petroleum prices taking government Assistant the chairperson T. He told me, Thomas, we in the government are more concerned about the common man.

In that caseyou can probably persuade government to decontrol the rest of the soaps. I took up his idea seriously and organized the production and launch of such a soap which we branded as Saral. An Innovative distribution system Targeting every remote customer Empowering Women By the Shakti network have reached million consumers.

Chennai-based CavinKare, the second largest manufacturer and marketer of shampoo in India with brands like Chik, Nyle, Meera and Karthika, came out with single serve packs to make inroads into a market dominated by multinationals.

Strategies to fight CompetitionThe first is winning state by state. HUL is using 'right pricing' as a primary tool to increase its competitiveness. Greater focus on Return on Marketing Investment. Increasing the quality and speed of innovations and launches.

Recommendation and SuggestionsThey should focus on making their supply chain more effective in rural areas. They are facing a stiff competition from regional players in terms of pricing so they should focus on cost cutting plans like using their own Logistics everywhere.

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For making quick order of small retailer in rural areas, they should provide their workforce a hand held mobile like BlackBerry coke had done it earlier.Marketing Mantra intends to unravel the complex marketing mantras to basic marketing concepts. It’s a forum to share insights and opinions on various horizons of marketing.

In the respective context, Nirma must have followed a strategy of introducing an entirely new brand rather than having the same brand name for an entirely unrelated. regardbouddhiste.coming strategy!!

Huls marketing strategy for nirma

As soon as one hear the word “Nirma” the first thing that strikes almost everyone is the decades old jingle “Doodh si safedi Nirma se ayi..”.Apart from that low-cost has become synomous to was the invention of Karsanbhai Patel,a chemist from Gujarat who worked for the Department of Mining and.

CRS on HUL - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Nirma 11/29/12 Competitors of HUL SOAPS HUL Pears Dove Hamam Liril brands Competitors Santoor. Camay Margo Cinthol brands Savlon.

Huls marketing strategy for nirma FEATURE OF THEIR MARKETING STRATEGY • Low price. Marketing Strategy of Nirma Washing Powder. Nirma has become a very popular and successful brand in the last three decades. Nirma girl is popular mascot for this brand.

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strategies-of-hul 1. STUDY OF HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LTD With respect to Strategic model But highermargins attracted competition in areas of operations.

HULs strategy remained focused oncreating power brands and earning higher margins. ." High competition from established brands.(Nirma,Colgate, P & G) Competition from unbranded.

Since the marketing strategy has remained successful, they need to carry it forward. Nirma or the Tata FMCG companies to contend with. Rivals have copied HUL’s strategies and tactics, especially in a target industry as an opportunity in terms of domestic and export markets but this opportunity may not capitalize as HULs own strategy.

Detergent wars: Nirma, Wheel & Ghari