How to write a field report for geography quiz

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How to write a field report for geography quiz

Reports are often used to show that a student is able to gain an understanding of a particular topic by researching or investigating it. This chapter explains the four main steps in writing an effective report. Planning an approach Before students begin writing a report, they need to identify the subject of the report.

It is important that they know precisely what they are being required to write about.

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The subject is often posed as a what, how or why question. Alternatively, students may be asked to explain, discuss, compare, interpret, outline, account for, analyse, or evaluate a particular concept or topic.

Once students understand the subject of the report, they should also consider the purpose of the report.

how to write a field report for geography quiz

Whether they are writing an e-mail, newspaper article, or even a recipe, students need to take into consideration the audience for whom they are writing. A report is no different. The structure, style and language should all be appropriate for the person, or people, who will respond to the report.

To ensure that students fully understand what is required of their report, they should read the syllabus outcomes also known as assessment criteria. An outcome is a statement of results expected to be achieved by the end of the stage.

Outcomes are often used by teachers as marking criteria.

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Lastly, students need to think about the message they want to convey in their report. They should keep this message in mind throughout the entire process of writing the report. Knowing the subject, purpose, audience, outcomes and message will assist students in deciding how to go about writing the report.

Mind maps diagrams arranged around a key concept and flow charts diagrams showing sequence are both useful ways to organise thoughts. Gathering information When gathering information it is important to remember that not all sources will be suitable for all reports.

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Furthermore, printed sources can sometimes be out of date and online sources can be inaccurate. To find the most reliable and appropriate information, students should refer to several different sources.

There are a wide variety of reference materials which students can choose from. Students can also gather their own information by interviewing people who have expert knowledge on the report topic, or by conducting a survey.

See image 1 When making notes, students should identify the central idea and other important facts, before writing them in their own words.

This is called paraphrasing. Paraphrasing will make it easier for students to understand the information which they have written when they commence writing their report.

This is known as plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious and punishable offence. To prevent plagiarism, all collected information should be referenced within the report and in a bibliography, attached to the report. A bibliography is a list of sources used to compile a text.

Preparing material Once all of the information has been collected, it needs to be organised and analysed.Geography Field Report.

How to Write a Geographical Report: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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reporting work will end up as a global publication including the current field trip report, the scientific report and a revision of the already published literature review.

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how to write a field report for geography quiz

Field reports usually consist of the following elements: Description - what you have seen or observed Analysis - strengths and weaknesses, reflection or evaluation of observations in light of theory and key concepts of your course or the broader context of your discipline. Pearson Prentice Hall and our other respected imprints provide educational materials, technologies, assessments and related services across the secondary curriculum.

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