How to read like a professor

There are just too many insights that I gained from this that I will have a textbook of my own if I try to list them down and put my own thoughts.

How to read like a professor

There are just too many insights that I gained from this that I will have a textbook of my own if I try to list them down and put my own thoughts.

How to read like a professor

Foster who has been teaching literature and writing at University of Michigan-Flint. Not to mention I learned a lot from this book.

Not to mention of course, that I read mine not how a professor would read but as a mere reader. This later point is obvious. In this book, he cited many examples to the extent that this book seems to be a book list of those that he enjoyed and hence recommends to his students or in this case, readers.

When he discussed those books, of course he mentioned spoilers. Fortunately, I did not care. I read maybe half of the books that he mentioned or made references to and for those I have not read, it perked up my interest to read them.

He used both of these books as examples in most of the chapters and topics that I had this urge while reading of stopping and switch to them.

It might spoil your fun. I made lots of notes while reading this book. But if I have to list down the 3 main points that I learned, here are they: Reading is a joint effort between the writer and the reader. Both have expectations that are defined on the first page of the book.

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A book is nothing without its reader. The reader brings with him, when he reads, his own life experiences to the exercise. Oftentimes, these life experiences contribute to the flavor of the book. Flavor, like food, that will determine whether the reader likes the book or not. There is no such a thing as original story.

There is only one story and all the rest are inspired by the previous works. Nobody can claim originality. So, I should stop saying that this and that writer or book is not original. If a writer wants to win a Nobel Prize for Literature, he has to write something with political or historical theme.

Of course, it goes without saying that the writer should be good. Think Hemingway and his short declarative sentences. But it also says something else magical: Place is a sense of things, a mode of thought, a way of seeing. It can be an image, action, language pattern, anything that happens again and again.

Story is what gets a novel going and what we focus on, but theme is one that makes the reading worthwhile.

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It is the idea content of the novel. In relation to narrator, I also learned its different types: There is a big chapter on this that I had to read twice because I thought I knew the meaning of this prior to reading this book. However, after my first reading, I developed a headache and got confused.

Huck Finn or David Copperfield for example. Pay attention to the 18 beauties above and the narrative style. This book is an essay and an earlier comment says that this feels like a textbook. I really liked this.Exploring how authors' choices about structure&#;point of view, narrative voice, first page, chapter construction, character emblems, and narrative (dis)continuity&#;create meaning and a special literary language, How to Read Novels Like a Professor shares the keys to this language with readers who want to get more insight, more understanding, and more pleasure from their reading/5(64).

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How to read like a professor

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