Good things to write a newspaper article about a hero

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Good things to write a newspaper article about a hero

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In real life nobody ever called him Pavlik. This tender diminutive was not given to him until after his death and first appeared in an article in the Communist newspaper for children, Pionerskaya Pravda. From then on it became his official name.

The grandfather of the real Pavlik Morozov settled in Gerasimovka in Along with other settlers, he came from Byelorussia looking for available land.

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By the beginning of the s, he was chairman of the Village Council. The exact date of Pavlik's birth is unknown. The Soviet encyclopedia says he was born on November 18,but the monument that stands on the site of his burned house gives his birthday as December 2, Even his mother could not remember his actual birth date.

At first the Collectivization Plan did not affect so remote a place as Gerasimovka in the Ural administrative region. But in the early s thousands of peasants from European part of Russia were exiled to Siberia, and some of those exiles settled in Gerasimovka.

The regional authorities began to follow the example of the central government and arresting those who resisted collectivization.

It was a sad irony that at the same time exiles were arriving in Gerasimovka from elsewhere, residents of Gerasimovka were being exiled to even farther-flung parts of Siberia. One person's home became another person's place of exile.

At the time of this nationwide tragedy, which took millions of lives, a smaller but nonetheless dramatic event occurred in Gerasimovka.

good things to write a newspaper article about a hero

Trofim Morozov left his wife, Tatyana, for another woman. This was an extraordinary thing to do at the time. Peasants commonly beat their wives, but they did not abandon them. Pavel, about age thirteen, was the oldest of four sons.

The youngest was about four. Pavel and his mother thought they could scare his father into returning.

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If Trofim had not left the family, there would have been neither denunciation nor murder nor heroism. But this was not for the press.

Kabina, another of Pavel's schoolteachers, believed that Tatyana Morozova encouraged her eldest son to complain about his father to the local OGPU. She taught Pavlik to inform, thinking that Trofim would get scared and return to the family. Trofim was arrested, and OGPU officials instructed Tatyana and her son on how to testify at the trial.

All the witnesses I spoke to agreed that the boy did not seem to understand what was going on. Trofim Morozov was sentenced to ten years in prison and disappeared forever in the camps.

Independent research by Yuri Druzhnikov

Since his second marriage was never legalized, his first family's property was seized. Tatyana and her four sons were left destitute. The villagers say that after the father's arrest, the Morozov children were constantly hungry and were grateful even for a piece of stale bread.

After being the center of attention as the prosecutor's key witness at his father's trial, Pavel became a regular informer. Survivors told me that he terrorized the whole village, spying on everybody. Having been a pawn in the family conflict, he became a pawn in the villagers' conflict with Soviet power over the demand that peasants become part of a collective farm, or kolkhoz.

There was no mention at all of the heroism of Pavlik Morozov until after his murder.Everyday Hero videos and latest news articles; your source for the latest news on Everyday Hero. Health news with a focus on fitness news, wellness coverage and living a healthy Southern California life.

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good things to write a newspaper article about a hero

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