Dove stereotype and target audience

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Dove stereotype and target audience

I am currently speaking at a conference in Oslo, Norway. It has been a great conference and from what I can gather the first of its kind in the country. It is always so encouraging to see the web community coming together for an event like this.

The conference organisers have done a great job, especially as it is their first conference on this scale. However, two things beyond the control of the organisers have given me pause for thought.

I have found myself marvelling at how easily we put people our users in particular into predefined stereotyped boxes.

Exceptions: Some people regard the use of archetypes to point to specific groups of people as racist, because it is a generalization.

Marketing to the geek stereotype My first thought was about the host of the event. This is a job I have done myself a number of times and one I am doing again at the upcoming Future of Web Design conference in New York. Essentially it involves introducing the various speakers, engaging in a little light banter with the audience and generally ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Often this job is done by the conference organiser. However as in the cases where I have hosted events, the organisers of FrontEnd decided it would be more sensible to get somebody to do the job for them.

He is relaxed, confident and obviously enjoys being on stage. However, he knows nothing about the web or the web design community. Worse still he has done no research into either the industry, speakers or most importantly audience. He has instead made massive assumption. His comments have often been massively inappropriate despite an audience made up of a considerable number of women.

Vlue, Shutterstock Was this the organisers fault?

Dove stereotype and target audience

After all if you employee a professional you expect them to know the audience and do their research. The second example of misjudging the audience was was made by one of the sponsors.

With the same misconception of geeks this sponsor felt that the best way to attract people to his booth was to drape it with scantily clad woman and hand out semi-erotic calendars. My problem is that they both misjudged the audience and damaged their own reputations or in the case of the host that of the conference itself.

Also they have perpetuated a stereotype that is already preventing women from entering the sector. As a community we have worked hard to squash sexism and encourage more female speakers, bloggers and contributors.TARGETING –.

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Assignment 1 Dove Target Audience 1.

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Ariana Buzzelli Consumer Behavior Assignment 1- Life Style Marketing October 6, Dove is a popular personal care brand that strives to provide its customers with quality products as well as send out an important message regarding women’s true beauty.

Dove is commited to building positive self-esteem and insipiring women to reach their full potential. The marketing plan should dedicate to that philosophy in both attitude and work ethic.

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