Customer satisfaction among users of exide batteries a questionnaire

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Customer satisfaction among users of exide batteries a questionnaire

Introduction All organizations have their hidden motive to increase the profitability. Successful organizations are attracting customers by raising their expectations and are delivering performances over and above the customer expectation levels.

Successful organizations are investing heavily on promotion to increase the customer expectations and are devising their strategies to delight the customer. In customer satisfaction process, if the performance falls short of expectations, the customer is dissatisfied.

If the performance matches the expectations, the customer is satisfied. If the performance exceeds expectations, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority confirms that the total number of cell phone users in Pakistan have crossed the mark of 99 million in fiscal year Switching behaviour is a consumer behaviour where the behaviour of the consumers differs based on the satisfactory level of the consumers with the providers or companies.

Customer satisfaction among users of exide batteries a questionnaire

Switching behaviour can be enunciated as the process of being loyal to one service and switching to another service, due to dissatisfaction or any other problems. Oyeniyi and Abiodun argues that customer satisfaction positively affects customer retention and that switching cost affects significantly the level of customer retention Business Intelligence Journal January.

Consumer loyalty is defined as the degree to which a Consumer exhibits repeat purchasing behaviour from a service provider, possesses a positive attitudinal disposition toward the provider, and considers using only this provider when a need for this service arises Gremler and Brown, In a survey of South Korean customers found that call quality, value-added services and customer support were significant, but not price, and convenience in procedures.

The ads factor can be one of main reason to switching, telling the benefits and given better imager of there product to customer in a unique way and providing very simple methods to switch to their product. Juan Pablo Maicas Lopez, Yolanda Polo Redondo and Fco, Javier Sese Olivan ,University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain, their research shows how relationship marketing has recognized the importance of building long-term relationships in increasing firms profitability and guaranteeing their future viability.

Trust is considered as the most important factor for building long-term relationships, for enhancing customer loyalty. Richard Lee, Jamie Murphy, University of Western Australiatheir study investigates determinants that cause mobile phone Customers to transit from being loyal to switching.

It concluded that there are different factors which affect the Customers to switch from loyalty to switching intentions such as price, technical service quality, Functional service quality, switching costs, etc.

But, the rating was given that price is the most important factor which affects the Customers to switch loyalties to another provider.The battery industry in India, which is worth Rs. cr., with a market share of million units, is dominated by dry carbon cell batteries, and the demand to a large extent is from the rural.

Exide bought out the dry battery business of a company called Britannia Batteries Ltd. During World War II, Exide was a major supplier of batteries for U.S.

Navy submarines and primary. A Study of Satisfaction Level of Exide Batteries. Exide Batteries Industry. Project Report for Battery. Questionnaire in the project consists of: 30 Multiple choice questions Dicthomus MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: Questions of this type offer the respondents an alternative to choose the right answer among others.

what they think of. such 5/5(3). A Study of Satisfaction Level of Exide Batteries. Amararaja batteries ltd subsidiary in Sri Lanka and does business globally through its subsidiaries and affiliates in South-East Asia.

Customer satisfaction among users of exide batteries a questionnaire

among others. divided evenly between the Industrial Energy and Transportation products and services. is one of the world's largest producers.3 billion. The company could, therefore, maintain a leadership position in the competitive market due to its strategy of customer satisfaction through superior product quality and performance, delivery dependability, competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Jan 21,  · Report ON EXIDE BATTERIES EXIDE Pakistan Limited, was incorporated in as a private limited company in association with Chloride Group Plc of United Kingdom. Chloride had its associates in 35 countries of the world and was supported by chloride Technical.

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