Critical thinking exercises for nurses students

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Critical thinking exercises for nurses students

Read the second post, "Tips to Succeed in Nursing School: It became pretty clear within the first hour of the day what the answer was. The speaker lectured to us for eight hours about how important it was to involve learners actively in the process.

I found this amazing. We were not ourselves involved as learners once in that day. We were lectured to. We were lectured at, but we were never involved.

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I wanted to know how to involve my learners. That day ended without me gaining that knowledge. Her content was good. After all, she was doing what so many who teach nursing do - she was lecturing.

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They are familiar with it. But who knows the content at the end of that lecture? The educator who give it knows it. Many educators have discovered that if they want to teach their students to think critically, they must create opportunities for their students to think critically.

Can a student catheterize someone by hearing a lecture on it? No, one masters it by gathering the knowledge, watching a demo, getting the right supplies, and practicing on a manikin until feeling competent enough to get checked off by the teacher.

The same is true for critical thinking. So, how do you do that? I like to start off the thinking at the very beginning of class with something that looks fun or simple to start the brain thinking.

Where do 0, 7 and 9 go? See if you can figure this problem out without reading further yourself. Have you solved it?Hey i have a critical thinking question you are working with a critical care nurse who has been "floated" to your unit.


You observe this nurse drawing up mg of digoxen into a 3ml syringe. The nurse does not dilute the medication and is preparing to give this medication by IV bolus. Morrall and Goodman () reflect on the need for nurses to use transformative thinking or thinking about thinking to engage fully in critical thinking in practice.

Ennis () defines critical thinking as reflective and reasonable forms of thinking in order to devise an action or decision. The Value of Critical Thinking in Nursing + Examples Nursing’s Buzzword: Critical Thinking Nursing students begin to hear about critical thinking skills early in nursing school.

Critical Thinking Exercises: Our Mind-Blowers. So what are some critical thinking exercises that blow students’ minds?

Critical thinking exercises for nurses students

In other words, what will challenge their assumptions? What will make them rethink what they thought they knew based on erroneous or dubious information? Watch these following videos, then decide for . Critical Thinking: 1) Disciplined, self-directed thinking which implies the perfection of thinking appropriate to a particular mode or domain of thinking.

2) Thinking that displays master of intellectual skills and abilities. 2. Describe what critical thinking is and how it relates to the practice of nursing. 3. Participate in simulated patient scenarios, successfully assess the patient and treat with existing orders and nursing interventions or call the primary care provider to report and request new orders.


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