Civil war weapons and atrillery

Also widely used was artillery including cannons. Some of the new weapon technologies used in the civil war include rifled gun barrels, the Minie ball and repeating rifles.

Civil war weapons and atrillery

There were two general types of artillery weapons used during the Civil War: Smoothbores included howitzers and guns. Smoothbores[ edit ] Smoothbore artillery refers to weapons that are not rifled. At the time of the Civil War, metallurgy and other supporting technologies had just recently evolved to a point allowing the large scale production of rifled field artillery.

As such, many smoothbore weapons were still in use and production even at the end of the war. Smoothbore field artillery of the day fit into two role-based categories: Further classifications of the weapons were made based on the type of metal used, typically bronze or iron cast or wroughtalthough some examples of steel were produced.

Additionally, the artillery was often identified by the year of design in the Ordnance department references. For instance a pounder field gun fired a pound solid shot projectile from its 4. It was practice, dating back to the 18th century, to mix gun and howitzers into batteries.

Pre-war allocations called for 6-pounder field guns matched with pounder howitzers, 9 and pounder field guns matched with pounder howitzers.

But the rapid expansions of both combatant armies, mass introduction of rifled artillery, and the versatility of the pounder "Napoleon" class of weapons all contributed to a change in the mixed battery practices.

Guns[ edit ] Model Gun, Fires 6 lb. The barrels of the guns were longer than corresponding howitzers, and called for higher powder charges to achieve the desired performance. Field guns were produced in 6-pounder 3.

Civil war weapons and atrillery

Although some older iron weapons were pressed into service, and the Confederacy produced some new iron field guns, most of those used on the battlefields were of bronze construction. Even a few older iron Model weapons were pressed into service.

Several hundred were used by the armies of both sides in But in practice the limited payload of the projectile was seen as a shortcoming of this weapon.

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Six pounder guns had mostly disappeared from the Union armies by but the Confederates continued using them until the end of the war. While the 9-pounder was still listed on Ordnance and Artillery manuals invery few were ever produced after the War of Nine-pounders were universally gone well before the Mexican War, and only scant references exist to any Civil War use of the weapons.

The pounder field gun appeared in a series of models mirroring the 6-pounder, but in far less numbers. At least one Federal battery, the 13th Indiana, took the pounder field gun into service early in the war.

The major shortcoming of these heavy field guns was mobility, as they required eight-horse teams as opposed to the six-horse teams of the lighter guns. A small quantity of pounder field guns were rifled early in the war, but these were more experimental weapons, and no field service is recorded.

The Model was of lighter weight than the previous pounder guns, and could be pulled by a six-horse draft, yet offered the heavier projectile payload of the larger bore. It is sometimes called, confusingly, a "gun-howitzer" because it possessed characteristics of both gun and howitzer and is discussed in more detail separately below.

Howitzers pounder Howitzer of Austrian manufacture imported by the Confederacy. Its tube was shorter and lighter than Federal pounder Howitzers. Howitzers were short-barreled guns that were optimized for firing explosive shells in a high trajectory, but also for spherical case shot and canister, over a shorter range than the guns.

While field use alluded to firing at targets consisting of enemy forces arrayed in the open, howitzers were considered the weapon of choice if the opposing forces were concealed behind terrain features or fortifications.

Howitzers used lower powder charges than guns of corresponding caliber. Field howitzer calibers used in the Civil War were pounder 4.

Most of the howitzers used in the war were bronze, with notable exceptions of some of Confederate manufacture. With a light weight and respectable projectile payload, the pounder was only cycled out of the main field army inventories as production and availability of the pounder "Napoleon" rose, and would see action in the Confederate armies up to the very end.

As with the corresponding heavy field guns, the heavier howitzers were available in limited quantities early in the war. Both Federal and Confederate contracts list examples of pounders delivered during the war, and surviving examples exist of imported Austrian types of this caliber used by the Confederates.American Civil War Weapons for Sale at Online Auction24/7 Global Customer Care · Historical Price Database · Live Online Bidding · Live Auction AlertsTypes: Books, Maps & Manuscripts, Autographs, Fossils & Minerals, Coins & Stamps.

Civil War Guns. The civil war brought many advancements in gun technology, most notably the widespread use of rifled barrels.

Popular rifles used in the civil war include the Springfield rifle, the Lorenz rifle, the Colt revolving rifle. Lean more about Civil War Guns.

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Civil War Swords and Sabers. Swords were still used widely in the civil war. Weapons and Artillery of World War II The result of World War II was affected by many different factors. One major factor which affected the war was the weapons and artillery used during the war.

Since the beginnings of time, weapons have always been around. "Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War" is the definitive reference work for civil war cannon used in the field. Nothing else approaches its structured grouping and organization of the diverse and confused world of American Civil War field guns/5(28).

The new advancements in Civil War technology and Civil War weapons played a crucial part in the war. The Civil War was the first war to be fought on an industrial scale. The Civil War was the first war to be fought on an industrial scale. Jul 13,  · Home Forums > War of the Rebellion Forums > Civil War Weapons and Ammunition > Welcome to the CivilWarTalk, a forum for questions and discussions about the American Civil War!

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