Analysis of online shop systems

Introduction An information system can be defined as a collection of software, hardware and people which helps in collecting, filtering, processing, creating, and distributing data which is used to support the operations of an organization by improving management and decision making processes. Management information system, which can also be called a management reporting system is an information system which generates accurate and reliable reports as at when needed or on a regular basis. Currently, most business transactions have been turned to e-commerce due to its various numerous advantages and due to human beings technological advancement.

Analysis of online shop systems

These people are found very updated and trendy and spend lots of money in shopping new and high quality brands. Targeting educated people As the targeted audience is educated so it will be easier to adopt the new system of online shopping for them.

They are already aware of using the computers and most of these people have internet access at homes and work places so it will be a great convenient Analysis of online shop systems these people to shop online.

Innovation As the idea of online grocery shopping is new in the city, none of the grocery stores have ever tried it and neither the costumers experienced it before so our targeted audience will try it at least once or twice for a new experience.

Analysis of online shop systems

Saving time of shopping The one of the major strengths of Ace Grocers is its saving valuable time of the costumers by offering online shopping. This is also one of the sustainable competitive advantages of the company.

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Convenience in shopping When costumers shop online, it not only saves their time but it also saves their efforts which they have to make while going to any grocery store. Especially in summer season in the city like Lahore where the weather is always hot and humid, it feels very difficult to people to come out from the home and go for buying daily use grocery items.

So costumers can save their time, efforts and energy which they used to surf while shopping some where else. Home delivery Home delivery is one of the elements of the core business of Ace Grocers.

This is also the innovation made by the retail outlet and there is no competitor exists yet in the market which is offering home delivery in the city. So it is the main strength of the company. Human resource management Human resource management is also one of the competitive sustainable advantages of the company.

The sales staff in the retail outlet is well trained to handle the orders and to deliver it in time. They are also expert in stock keeping in the store. These employees are managing all the stock with the help of a database which helps them and tells the exact quantities of the products in the store.

The database keeps the employees updated with the current position of the stock and hence the sales staff work efficiently in managing all the stock.

Good relation with vendors It is the most crucial thing when it comes to the vendors side, this is another great strength of Ace Grocers that it can easily make very good relations with their vendors because in the online database through which the costumer shop, contains all the features of the products along with the print media ad of that particular produce.

In this way Ace Grocers is also promoting the brands of its vendors and people are becoming more aware of the product features.

So in this way vendors have a great advantage in selling their products through our outlet.

Analysis of online shop systems

So they will always prefer to give us their products even in the time of shortage and it will lead to a good relationship with the vendors. Product awareness to the costumers The online database which the costumer is using for placing an order online contains all the information about the products.

There is a tab of "details" in front of every product. The costumer can get all the details of features of that product and the costumer can also see the print media ad of that product.

So its another big strength of Ace Grocers that it is giving awareness to the costumers about the products. Good exposure to new brands It is always difficult to promote new brands in the market when there is a high competition between the similar products is going on.

So in such a competitive market Ace Grocers is giving a good exposure to the new brands through its online database system. Costumer services As the human resource is one of the biggest strength of the retail outlet so Ace Grocers is also using its strength in the costumer services.

There are three persons hired specially to guide the new walk in costumers about the software. They guide the costumers how to place the order, and they are also serve the frequent costumers with tea or coffee while the order delivers. Online database and billing system As the process of online shopping is described above, it also helps in doing segmentation of the costumers.

In this way we collect all the records of the costumers that who is our potential costumer and who is not. Similarly online billing tells us the amount every costumer spent in shopping.Online grocery systems design through task analysis Mark Freeman University of M.

& Freeman, A. (). Online grocery systems design through task analysis. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 24 (5), Original item availablehere their first grocery shop and only 15% of online grocery shoppers return to shop online.

eCommerce SWOT Analysis. With security and fraud lurking in every corner, customers are often reluctant to use their credit cards for online purchases. Shipping of products is another issue, where heavy, large, and perishable goods are often a pain and very expensive.

Shipping duration could also open the customer’s options to purchase. Analysis, Design and Development of an Online Shopping System for Newport Supermarket - Joseph Katie - Master's Thesis - Business economics - Industrial Management - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or .

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