An overview of target one of

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An overview of target one of

What is one-to-one marketing? This is explained in the following description of one-to-one marketing: One-to-one marketing represents an extreme form of segmentation, with a target segment of size one.

One-to-one marketing basically refers to approaching the customer as an individual and having a tailored marketing mix designed for that one customer.

An overview of target one of

However, many large businesses could undertake one-to-one marketing activities, without being a niche marketer. In this example, the bank would approach many customers at once as part of the same overall campaign, but technically each customer has received a unique offering.

Clearly the bank is not a niche marketer: The other area where one-to-one marketing is common used is where services can be tailored. If you go to a hairdresser, they will cut and style according to your particular preferences.

However, the hairdresser is also not a niche marketer, as they are targeting a particular market segment say females aged 30 to 50 years and would be directly competing with other hairdressers in the area. The area where one-to-one marketing is the most common is in B2B markets, as highlighted in the following quote: Because one-to-one marketing is sometimes referred to as a segment of one, it the impression that this is somehow related to niche marketing.

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The History of Target's Logo Target’s telltale logo was first revealed in , streamlined in and has since evolved into one of the most recognized symbols in North America. meet Bullseye, our official ambassador. One-to-one marketing represents an extreme form of segmentation, with a target segment of size one.” (Arora, et al., ) It is important to note that while some niche marketers may use one-to-one marketing, they are quite distinct concepts.

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