Amul ice cream marketing mix statergies

A critical piece of that planning is deciding how you should price your products and services.

Amul ice cream marketing mix statergies

Could it be better?

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This process is sometimes called a marketing audit. Does your brand clearly communicate what you are about and convey the highest value you deliver? Does your brand effectively differentiate you from every other supplier in your marketplace? Is your brand promise well understood and consistently executed at all levels of your organization?

Is your brand identity being properly used in all media? Do you know your most profitable customers and are you targeting prospects that look just like your best customers? Do you understand the factors buyers consider when selecting your product or service and are you focusing your marketing campaigns on those factors?

Have your customers changed the way they find, buy, or use your product or service and have you adjusted your marketing plan accordingly? Are you actively upselling and cross-selling products and services to your current customers? Do your marketing messages resonate with your target audience?

Are you talking about the things your customers and prospects care about?

Amul ice cream marketing mix statergies

Do these messages match the experience customers have when they interact with your staff? Are you tailoring messages to specific market segments when you have the opportunity to do so? Are traditional marketing channels — such as advertising, direct marketing, and public relations — still delivering enough value to warrant the investment they require?

Is it time to shift some — or more — of your marketing to new channels such as social media and mobile marketing? Are you maximizing the value of the proprietary channels you control, such as newsletters, invoices, product packaging and inserts, vehicles, and buildings?

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Do you know which marketing tactics are generating the best results — leads, conversions, or sales — at the lowest cost? Can you cut the cost of any of your tactics by changing formats? Are you integrating social media into traditional marketing tactics like direct mail and advertising?

Can you create a mobile app to promote your product or connect with your audience? Is your creative attention-getting? Does it stand out in a crowded marketplace? Does your creative engage the prospect immediately in your sales message and enhance the delivery of the message?

Is the call to action loud and clear? Does the prospect know exactly what to do next after reviewing your marketing materials?

What will people remember most after seeing your marketing: Is your offer resonating with prospects? Are more and more people saying yes? Does your offer showcase your product? Does your offer deliver real value to the prospect?

Are you tailoring offers to specific market segments or types of buyers?Jean Gianfagna is a marketing strategy expert and marketing consultant in Cleveland, Ohio. She has been providing marketing guidance to FORTUNE ® .

2Executive SummaryThis report is about the marketing of the ice cream industry of Amul; an industry entering themarket with its unique and innovative marketing strategies.

We discuss its goals that it has setfor its product Amul and eventually the type of culture of the organization.

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The turnaround story of the ice cream industry started with Amul entering the market with its unique and innovative marketing strategies. It gave the entire industry a unique dimension. The success of Amul can be attributed to its distinctive planning of marketing mix and providing satisfaction to .

The term “marketing mix” was coined in the early s by Neil Borden in his American Marketing Association presidential address. This is one of the preliminary knowledge every marketer must have and is considered to be the basics of every marketing theory, which emerged henceforth.

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The Distribution Network of Amul/5(8). The case analyses Amul's marketing strategy to show that a well-planned and excellently implemented marketing mix tactics, can help a firm to achieve a strong position in a competitive market.

The case gives a brief note on the evolution of the Indian ice cream industry, the market scenario and the major players involved.

AMUL ICE CREAM: MARKETING STRATEGY | Marketing - Marketing Strategies Case Study